Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Flood St Carousel Leichhardt

Seven September 2013 - it's gonna be a big date! Why? Well a few of things come to mind:

1. We have to vote - see the orange poster in the above photo of Albo? Those posters are everywhere reminding us of the fact.

2. My eldest little bull turns 5 - therefore a birthday party is required. 

3. My life is about to change for the foreseeable future and I'm not happy about it!

Number 1 & 2 I can cope with, but number 3! Well that's another story. On Saturday Seven September in the year of 2013, Saturday morning sport is going to start for our little family. Our eldest little bull is to begin Little A and I am to lose Saturday morning breakfasting at cafes!!

I love my Saturday morning breakfast out, I feel it is my reward for making breakfast for my 3 boys all week. Someone makes ME coffee, someone makes ME toast and someone else washes up for ME afterwards, just like they did at the friendly Flood Street Carousel this past Saturday.

Someone else made me this delicious Breakfast Sambo ($9.50) full of free range egg, prosciutto, avocado and relish at the Flood St Carousel:

Someone else made for me the little bull's toast with yummy thick jam ($4.50):

And someone else cleaned up for me all the mess that the little bulls left in their wake. Someone else was the lovely staff at the Flood Street Carousel. When we arrived early on Saturday morning we were welcomed with open arms. This cafe is set up for kids - whether it be the antique looking horse straight from the carousel that kids can jump on, or the baskets of toys, or the bookshelf with kids books on it, or the magnets on the fridge that kids can play with, or the big stack of high chairs - this place is oh so kid friendly!

The little bulls were so entertained that they actually didn't want to eat, and they didn't even ask for a milkshake, babycino or juice. Our almost 5  year old sat happily reading in a comfy old lounge chair for the entire time:

And the other little bull played happily with all the toys and sat up at the old Pacman games machine trying desperately to make it work.

Flood Street Carousel occupies a large corner block away from the main drag of Leichhardt. It is down near the Leichhardt Marketplace, so there is loads of parking.  The interior has a kinda retro hip feel and lovely big concertina windows open up to let in the morning sun.  It opens early (7.00am) so another big tick in the child friendly ratings. 

There isn't a kids menu but for breakfast there is the toast and a very delicious sounding nutella and strawberry croissant that I'm sure will please even the fussiest child. There are also loads of yummy looking cookies and little cakes on the counter that will tempt you all. For lunch they make exotic sounding salads, soups and rolls, and their coffee is fine, damn fine.

As I mentioned before the staff were super kid friendly and they were also super cool - it's so nice to be welcomed into a hipster hangout, when you're a not so hip parent.

Flood Street Carousel doubles as a small grocer, selling Infinity Sourdough Bread and the delicious Farmer Jo Muesli, as well as preserves, sauces....and flowers. Make sure someone buys you a bunch Mummas! Just a word of warning, Flood St Carousel is a cash only business (when I suggested to Mr Right that a bunch of flowers were in order, he used the excuse that he didn't have any more cash on him!).

Now another little bonus is that there is a great playground just up the street from Flood Street Carousel. The Wangal Nura Park is a fully enclosed spacious play ground that you can use as bribery on your kids to eat all of their breakfast (or is it just me who does that?). Just a small word of warning, the local wild life obviously use this as a bit of a drinking venue at night time, there were smashed beer bottles on the ground when we arrived which we had to clean up before the little bulls discovered them.

So I only have a couple more weeks of Saturday morning freedom, so I hope they shall both be as lovely as this past Saturday morning was at Flood Street Carousel. My dilemma will then be, what does one wear to a Little A meet at 8am in the morning (hopefully it is not a tracksuit) and how am I going to survive the morning without my cafe caffeine fix?

So tell me dear Parents, how do you survive Saturday morning sport decaffeinated?

1 Lords Rd (cnr of Flood St) Leichhardt NSW 2040
02 9560 9834 
Open 7.00am - 4.00pm
Cash Only
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  1. Oh that must be hard losing your breakfasting ops! I bet parents could band together and do one week picking up and dropping off -although that would only work if you had one kid!