Saturday, 4 May 2013

Wild Pear Cafe at Dural

When I think of Dural I think of money - cause you need bucket loads of it to live there. As you drive into this posh north west suburb of Sydney, you are transfixed by all the amazing houses that you can see - and that is just those that are visible from the road. There are so many hedged and gated driveways that you just know are screening some superb domicile and equally superb garden (plus a helipad), and that you need to win the lotto to even consider moving there.

As a result of all of those posh gardens, Dural also has loads of landscape centres - because all of those superbly posh gardens need maintaining. Quite a few of these centres also house cafes and Wild Pear Cafe is one such cafe in the grounds of a gorgeous pot shop.

We arrived bright and early (as you do with children who wake at 5.30am) and were the first customers in the door at 8.00am. We were promptly greeted, seated and coffee orders were taken and served - heaven. Then I saw Mr Right's face. He was looking at the menu. He was turning a wee bit crimson. Then I knew I was in trouble. See Mr Right pays the bills on our little excursions into the wild blue yonder to find y'all the perfect child friendly cafe. So  I took a deep breath and had a study of the menu myself. OUCH! Everything on the kids menu was north of 10 bucks.

So after much discussion we decided to order the little bulls breakfast off the adults menu as there were some more reasonable options. We ordered our meals and drank our coffees and watched  as family after family filed into the cafe for Saturday morning breakfast. This is certainly the place to dine in Dural for local families, I should also say that each child that came in, seemed to have an IPad - as did their parents and they were all superbly turned out.

The Wild Pear Cafe can seat many families - they have seating both inside and out. There is plenty of room for posh prams and also high chairs for little bums to sit in. The outside tables on the verandah are the most popular, everyone who came in requested one.

Now I do have to say that even though the adults meals were also a bit on the expensive side - the serving sizes were huge and they were delicious. I ordered bacon and eggs for $16.90 - and it was the best I have ever eaten and Mr Itch's big breakfast for $21.90 probably could have fed two people.

The little bulls were very happy with their milk shake ($3.50) and babycino with marshmallow (which was surprisingly cheap at a buck) and I ordered them a turkish raisin toast off the main menu for $7.90 - which neither of them ate as they were too busy trying to watch all of the other kids Ipads. So luckily we didn't order them any thing of the kids menu as we would have been $21.80 poorer.

I have to say I really enjoyed my experience at the Wild Pear Cafe - the service was superb and the food was also superb. The interior is decorated with lovely art works of pears and if you sat outside on the verandah you have lovely semi rural views and if you by chance had your binoculars on you, you may have been able to spot a superb little shack or two. I'm thinking Wild Pear is the perfect spot for special occasions such as Mother's Days and birthdays, the times when you are happy to splurge a little bit more money on breakfast.

When we left the Wild Pear Cafe we found that our trusty Hyundai was now surrounded by a herd of superbly expensive European cars (all of which would most definitely attract Ms Gillard's luxury car tax) and I realised for sure that all of those Ipad families inside were most definitely able to afford the kids menu, so who am I to complain? 

658 Old Northern Rd Dural NSW 2158
 02 9651 6600
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  1. Wow......dural is not all about money dear, just like all suburbs there are people with AND people without.....if I were looking for cheap small feed with a playground, u wood have passed maccas 2 minutes before wild pear

  2. Antoinette Joyce29 September 2013 14:38

    Ahahaha (BYO iPad)!! Love it!!

  3. That does seem excessive for a kids menu. Dining here on the weekend so keen to see what the main menu is like.

  4. The food at Wild Pear is delicious and portion sizes are huge. I just thought their kids menu was a bit expensive in comparison to other cafes/restaurants I have been to. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

  5. Thanks! I agree with you without even having been there. Even that milkshake looks tiny.