Sunday, 26 May 2013

Glenorie Bakery Cafe Delicatessen

I love to spend some quality time with Mr Right on weekends, but normally this is disturbed by our beautiful little bulls demanding attention from us both. So we have come up with a little solution, we go for a drive, one that will last at least 40 minutes to somewhere we haven't been before and it always has to be in the afternoon. That way we get to spend some quality time together chattin' whilst the boys have hopefully fallen asleep in the back. (I should also point out here, that quite often I too fall asleep and Mr Right ends up having a selfie chat!).

So this weekend we went to Glenorie for our little explore as we knew of a very fine bakery that was located out there. And wasn't it lucky for us that we arrived just in time for afternoon tea! 

Glenorie Bakery Cafe Delicatessen has won awards and loads of them, the most prized being the "2012 No 1 Australian Small Business Bakery - Cafe" and let me tell you darling ones I can completely understand why! Their baked goods are divine, delicious and decadent. When you first enter the "shop", very helpful young lasses ask what you would like. The problem is although, deciding what to have as everything looks so darn divine, delicious and decadent. 

I quickly put in our coffee order for fear of my position at the front of the queue being usurped by the hungry hordes behind me. And after much "ooh" and "ahs" between myself and my boys we decided on:

Lemon meringue tart (me):

Chocolate eclair (Mr Right) - sorry he scoffed it before I could take a photo as he no doubt feared that I would want to go halvies....

A very sensible Finger bun (eldest little bull):

And the littlest bull had this - not really sure what it is called - just looks soooooooo good:

And no he didn't eat it all - his father helped him to finish it. Apparently it was divine, delicious and decadent and full of chocolate custard! I think this may have been the best afternoon tea my littlest bull had ever had cause look at Glenorie Bakery's fab little babycino ($1.70):

Our coffee was equally delicious. To be honest I always get a wee bit nervous when I see young lasses making coffee as I haven't had much luck in being served a decent coffee from one of them. BUT the young barista has been well trained, cause the coffee was almost as fab as my luscious tart.

Now before you say it - I know having a cappuccino in the afternoon is such a faux pas especially for Italians - but I couldn't care less, I so love being a gauche Skip! Now as for Italians - the Glenorie Bakery is owned by a very handsome young Italian stallion called Rob. The stallion is in his late twenties and is obviously a good catch ladies. He can bake like a God and he has opened a sister branch in Windsor called the Outback Bakehouse which he has set up to be franchised! His parents (who started the original business) must be very proud indeed.

One can sit inside or out at Glenorie Bakery. We opted to sit outside only because the little bulls needed some space to roam around in. Also the bakery is located in the Glenorie Shopping Village  which has a quaint country feel to it (hint: a very nice gift shop is here called 2157). But if you sit inside you can oodle over all of the bakery eye candy, pies and delicious looking deli products. 

I should also mention that if you suffer from gluten intolerance, Glenorie Bakery has a "gluten free" range that has been frozen so you don't have to miss out on all of the yummy bakery goods.

Glenorie Bakery's pies have also won loads of awards so if you don't  eat one whilst you are there, you can always grab a BIY family pie for dinner (bake it yourself).

So dear parents if you are after a reasonably priced afternoon of deliciously divine decadence I suggest you and your other half have some quality time and take a wee drive with the kids to Glenorie x

930 Old Northern Road Glenorie NSW 2157
 02 96522624
Open 7 days

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