Friday, 10 May 2013

Delish Foods at Castle Hill

I have been noticing lately that the price of breakfast in cafes is slowly but surely rising almost to the levels of the cost of lunch and even dinner - crazy! One reason I dare say is that breakfast has kinda got fancy. These days menus have items such as "breakfast trifles with a splash of South American chia" and "Moroccan baked eggs with a sprinkle of home made dukkah" etc etc. Now don't get me wrong I love this type of food, but my darling Mr Right ain't that keen - he likes the good ol fashioned bacon and eggs and he likes it cheap (a bit like you get in the greasy spoons in London). So recently when we were on our way to a fancy pants new cafe in Castle Hill Mr Right spotted the below sign:

All of a sudden our Hyundai veered left instead of right and we ended up in Delish Foods (not the Hyundai just us). Mr Right was beaming and I was hesitating....but I shouldn't have. This is such a great CHEAP child friendly cafe, definitely not fancy pants, but hey, fancy pants more often than not means not so child friendly.

We only had one little bull with us and he was very excited to find his own little table with funky green stools and then the owner spotted his cute little noggin and came rushing out with puzzles for him to complete. The owner is lovely - English me thinks - so we could have almost been in a greasy spoon, but we weren't - cause we could sit outside in the sun  and there was no fried bread in sight and the coffee was good (everything you don't get in a greasy spoon in ol blighty).

There isn't a kids menu but there are quite a few options off the menu that you can choose for your little ones: 

We chose the 1 slice of raisin toast for $2.50 and of course a babycino ($1.30) - which came with 2 marshmallows much to the delight of our baby bull. They also do kids milkshakes and have pop up juices. If you're at Delish for morning tea, make sure you pop inside and check out the cake cabinet - there are loads of yummy looking little home made morsels to tempt you and your little ones. Whilst inside also check out the small book case which has quite a few children's books. You can sit inside - but why would you with the sun and kiddie's table outside, as well as an area for kids to run around. 

Our baby bull was delighted even further when his raisin toast was served on a Bob the Builder plate, as was I - first time ever our kids food has been served on a plastic plate - so very sensible.

Mr Right was satisfied with his bacon and eggs for ten bucks and I was satisfied with the coffee and the beautiful autumn sun. Delish had a nice buzz with people coming and going - they do a strong take away trade with local workers, which is understandable with the prices they charge. Also they open from 7am Mon - Sat (closed Sundays) so for those of us with children who wake at ungodly hours this is ideal.

We left Delish Foods at Castle Hill happy and contented, and somehow I know we will be back there very soon if Mr Right has his way. So the fancy pants cafe will have to wait, might be better to do that one solo me thinks x

7-9 Barwell Ave Castle Hill NSW 2154
02 9659 4988
  Mon - Sat 7am - 4pm.
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