Friday, 26 April 2013

Mash Cafe - Glenbrook

*******SADLY MASH CLOSED THIER DOORS IN 2013************

I believe that when people think of the Blue Mountains the first suburb that comes into their mind is either Katoomba or Leura - especially when you are considering restaurants and cafes. But there is so much more to this iconic destination than those tourist dens - think lower Blue Mountains people - there are so many excellent cafes and on a recent Little Explore we visited Mash Cafe in Glenbrook.

Glenbrook is less then an hour's drive from the centre of Sydney - so it's an easy trip for most Sydneysiders - actually you could even catch a train there if you feel like saving yourself some money on tolls! There are lovely shops, cafes and bakeries plus a huge park with a playground for kids. And let me tell you that in Autumn there is no place better to visit then the mountains - the colours of the trees are breathtaking.

Mash Cafe is located in a delightful old weatherboard house and you have the option of sitting inside or out. They have a log fire in winter, which makes the idea of sitting inside even more appealing. We did sit inside but I suggest if you are with your little ones and the weather is lovely - sit outside. There is a small grassed area for the kids to run around on and there's not much room inside to do this. We got the evil eye from a table of adults when we were seated near them which always makes me feel really uncomfortable. Our little bulls can make a bit of a I'm sure yours do to. So save yourself the angst and sit outside.

The interior of Mash Cafe is warm and cosy with loads of semi erotic paintings straddling the walls! Think half naked ladies and food merging into art. I caught Mr Itch's eyes wandering more then once - so he got the evil eye from me! The paintings are for sale, so I'm sure they aren't a permanent fixture, one even caught the eye of my eldest little bull and he wanted to know why the naked lady was dipping herself in a glass of beer - which actually is a very good question!

The service is brilliant - fast, friendly and efficient. We sat, we ordered and we ate within half an hour which is fantastic when you are dining out with children with very very very little attention spans. The only problem we had (besides the evil eye) was on departure when we tried to pay the bill, we were held up by a mob of cyclists that had arrived and were placing their coffee orders individually and paying for them by card!!!!! The lovely frazzled lady at the till could have really done with a helping hand or management needs to streamline their take away coffee ordering process.

Mash Cafe has an extensive kid's menu covering breakfast and lunch. Something to note, which luckily our waitress advised us of, is that the kid's toast comes out as one slice so if you're trying to be a scrooge you can order the adult's toast for an extra two bucks and it comes with two slices! I actually thought the kid's menu was a wee bit expensive in comparison to other cafes that we have been to however the adult's menu was moderately priced and the food as well as the coffee was delicious!

Now dear parents there was a little addition at the bottom of the kid's menu which I thought may interest you:

You can purchase a kidz activity pack! A very smart idea on behalf of the cafe operator BUT for 5 bucks? If you have more then 1 kid - as most people do - this can turn out to be an expensive little addition to the bill and as we all know most toddlers aren't good at sharing. So I would advise BYO activity pack from home. The packs were tiny - I spotted them on the way out - unfortunately I couldn't take a pic of them as a lycra clad buttock was in the way (my gosh that lycra is tight!). They are put out by an Australian company called Cafe Kidz. I'm sure as a form of emergency entertainment some parents wouldn't hesitate in buying them. So am I being a scrooge here? I would love to know your thoughts.......x

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19 Ross Street Glenbrook NSW 2773
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  1. Hey love your blog. Yeah I would definitely buy these packs to keep my 18 month old quiet if only it would work! I would pay double the price.

  2. Fair enough - I actually ended up buying them at another cafe we were at recently and they did occupy the little bulls for a wee while. So glad you like the blog x