Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bull & Bush Inn - Baulkham Hills

We rarely take the little bulls out for dinner, it's just too stressful with the witching hour and all....

But because we had a special visitor staying with us we thought we should venture out into the big wild world of dining out with toddlers at night time. Being nervous about the evening we decided to keep it local and also within walking distance in case we needed a few stiff drinks to help us survive. 

So luckily there is a pub up the road from our house and it's aptly named the Bull & Bush Inn so we hoped that our little bulls would be bushed in enough up there to give us a semi reasonable evening out.

The Bull & Bush Inn hasn't yet succumbed to the trendy make overs of most other pubs in Sydney. It is housed in a lovely old tudor style building but other than that it doesn't have many redeeming features from an aesthetic point of view. It's one of those pubs that attracts hordes of tradies by promoting Indie Girl parades and the like.

If you can move beyond the bikini clad young ladies you will be surprised to find a very family friendly bistro - which is very reasonably priced. Unfortunately for us we ate there on a Tuesday night, if we had waited one more night the little bulls could have eaten for free!

Not that it really mattered cause the kids menu is quite cheap and the portions are large so our little bulls could share a meal.

Also if you order an (adult) dessert,  kids get a scoop of ice cream and topping for free!

Now the other thrilling thrifty thing about the Bull & Bush Inn is that they have 11 meals for $11 available lunch and dinner all week! So this makes for a very cheap evening out. The normal menu is also reasonable with the most expensive meal being $20. And let me tell you the portion sizes are huge.

Because of the cheap prices the patrons of the bistro are a mix of the grey nomads, families and those tradies who need a bit of sustenance to cope with exhausting parade of bikini clad young ladies that they will have to endure later.

The little Bulls behaved better then we expected so not too many stiff drinks were consumed which was kinda handy cause their wine list was dismal. The little bulls had their lemonade in plastic glasses and they were kept entertained with the crayons and colouring sheets I keep stashed in my rather large handbag (psst I nick em from other joints that are a bit more kid friendly so that I have a stash for when we go to a not so kid friendly joint).

So besides the fact that the Bull & Bush doesn't provide any child friendly activities they do have all the other child friendly prerequisites like high chairs, baby change table and plenty of room and access for prams. Maybe just be discreet when you are breastfeeding in case those tradies think the entertainment has started early x 

So Parents - do you eat out with your children during witching hour? If so any hints on how to survive it?

378 Windsor Road Baulkham Hills NSW 2153
02 9639 4008
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