Friday, 15 February 2013

Hopscotch Cafe at Wareemba

Where's Wareemba I hear you ask?

That's the same question I asked my very smart cousin when she & her handsome hubbie bought a house there quite a few years ago. I had never heard of it and presumed it may have been somewhere at the Central Coast. 

But oh no its not - it is smack bang in the middle of Abbotsford and Five know near Hen and Chicken Bay (such a cool name I just had to use it..).

Where is Wareemba?    - click here if you have absolutely no clue!

Anyways that part of world is synonymous with fabulous Italian cafes and equally fabulous coffee so my very smart cousin  bought a gorgeous little house in a gorgeous little suburb full of gorgeous little cafes!!

She's my very smart cousin cause she (& her handsome hubbie) had the foresight to buy a house in Wareemba before prices in the area skyrocketed. 

I'm always a wee bit envious when I visit my cousin as there are so many fab cafes, delis & patisseries all in walking distance of her house. The cousin like myself has two little boys, so we try to catch up when ever we can to compare notes on rearing little bulls.

So yesterday we caught up at Hopscotch Cafe in Wareemba on the cousin's recommendation.  With a name like Hopscotch you just know that it has to be child friendly - and it most certainly was.

As we walked in we were greeted by some very handsome Italian waiters (as a result I completely missed the luscious cake cabinet). The little bulls headed straight to the kid's corner which is set up with black boards, puzzles, toys etc and we sat at the big communal table right next to them (this would be perfect for Mother's groups).

There is seating inside and out with a dominant theme of yellow in the room. Loads of trendy lights hang from the ceiling and groovy artwork that is for sale adorns the walls. Best of all they have a very clean loo that contains a baby change table. Well done to the owner! The cousin advises me that a Mumma of a wee princess owns the cafe so hence it's child friendliness.

They have a menu for Princesses and Princes which is moderately priced. Milkshakes and hot chocolates all come in kid size serves and in takeaway coffee cups. We ordered a freshly baked blueberry and white chocolate muffin - oh so light and fluffy; banana bread which came with a coconut top and a side of both cream and butter; raisin toast - can't really go wrong with that!

Make sure you check out that luscious cake cabinet cause there are a few kiddie treats in there.

The babycino was yum and it came with a side serve of marshmallow. I'll have to be very honest here and say that I forgot to look at the price of the kid's drinks cause I was too busy comparing notes with the cousin on little bull rearing! Oh well I have an excuse now to go back and have another delicious blueberry and white chocolate muffin! Mmmm I always seem to forget that I'm on a diet x

284 Great North Rd Wareemba
02 8753 0317

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